Networth Update – 7/22/11

-Updated Networth-

Total Assets: $85,378
Total Liabilities: $108,898
Networth: -$23,520

Anothe month has gone by and improvement, mainly due to the fact that I forgot to add the home downpayment fund that I already started funding a while back. In reality, the progress should’ve been minimal as I spent some time abroad after my work trip. One of the unfortunate things is that I get easily relaxed when I am travelling and money in different currencies somehow normalizes in my head that it is cheaper than it actually is. This pitfal caused me to spend in excess of $1,300 on extra dining and trips to london and paris, although I have to say that I quite enjoyed the experience and it is something that I will never forget :) I could’ve easily spent the same amount of money on a couple of nights out in new york and not had the same experience.

More recruiting contacts, but they seem to be slowing down as our nation is reaching its debt ceiling. Isn’t it funny that as a nation we are failing and not putting any right foot forward to rectifying the situation, while as individuals we may be failing, but often trying to at least try and improve our own situations. Certainly the budget is something that is far more complicated than my situation, but I just don’t see how one of the richest countries in the world can’t start looking at this from a different perspective and realize that hey.. maybe we can solve this in another manner that’s not debilitating to business and individuals alike.

‘Till next time:)