Leverage in Job Promotion

I wanted to share a story of how I’ve used leverage in my job promotion. In this down market, one can take the view that they must accept things as they are or that one can choose to make things as one wants them to be. I chose the latter.

I know that my work speaks for itself, unfortunately I’ve not done a good enough job of promoting it. Great work without promotion goes unnoticed. So this time (6 months ago) I decided that I wanted to be noticed, especially after graduating with my MBA. This conscious decision, made about 6 months ago has led me to a series of interactions that have put me in a place where I can leverage my work to get a promotion. Not only have I spoken with senior management about it, but to outside companies that I’ve interviewed with.

The leverage comes from two places:

  1. My work and how I’ve promoted it
  2. The business need for my work to influence

You can’t have one without the other as your work must fill some role. If not, then most likely you should try and gain new skills or a job that does fit your current skill set.

I saw the need that needed filling and I voiced my reasoning behind why I was the best person for that job in an organized and clear manner. This included salary surveys from graduating members of my MBA class, competing offer letters that I chose to decline showing what salary I wanted at the least, and skill sets that I’ve developed and where they applied in the new role.

I still haven’t been put in this position, as there are some organizational issues that need to be resolved. But I put myself in the best possible position, I believe, to achieve that goal. If you don’t use a finite window of opportunity for the leverage that you may have at work, you will lose it. That’s not to say you won’t gain leverage again at some point, but why waste it :)

Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted.